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The REALTOR® is responsible for protecting and promoting client's interests. They can represent buyers or sellers. They assist the home buyer in forming and writing the offer, and if the offer is accepted, they help with the final agreement to ensure it's legally binding and correct. The REALTOR® will need to stay on top of the entire process to make sure any issues that surface during the home inspection or other processes are quickly remedied. They may also need to renegotiate the contract. For example, any repairs that the house inspection determines are needed may be factored into a new contract or agreement.

Part of the REALTOR®'s job is to come up with a sound marketing plan designed to address the needs and attract buyers. They assess the client's home and come up with a list of possible cosmetic work or curb appeal to enhance property appeal to potential buyers. Any issues repair issues must be determined by professionals such as electricians, plumbers, HVAC or carpenters. The seller may choose to postpone repairs prior to placing the house on the market. These issues may later become negotiation points with potential buyers.

The REALTOR® is required by law to present all offers to the clients and helps to assess each offering. They may also need to help clients with a counter offer by suggesting the amount and terms. Depending on the marketplace and the clients' needs, this process can go very easily or it can become complex.

Once the offer is accepted by the client, there are still several things that must happen before the deal can be closed. The REALTOR® can assist or advise clients in finding other professionals to conduct such things as:

•Home inspection
Survey (depending on property and last survey on record)

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